Media Release: Conservationists call for Ta Ann to move out of high conservation value forests

Today Still Wild Still Threatened is calling on Ta Ann  to stop accepting wood from high conservation value forests. The group will be joined by people all around the world in this call on February 14 and  15 as part of a global action for Tasmania’s forests. This action is now more timely than ever, as Ta Ann are at a critical cross roads. Today the company announced 50% of their Japanese customer base had been lost due to the increasing awareness globally about the forest destruction.

Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened, today reiterated this urgent call on Ta Ann to change their practices. Miranda has spent almost nine weeks at the top of a tree that is in an area due to be logged to supply wood to Ta Ann.

“Ta Ann have  been misleadingly marketing their product as “eco” and yet sourcing their wood from controversial high conservation value forests. It should be of no surprise that people around the world are calling on them to change their practices. Today’s announcement shows clearly that the global market demand is for true eco-friendly products, not wood sourced from the destruction of Tasmania’s high conservation value forests.” said Ms Gibson.

“This campaign has exposed the truth and given customers around the world the information about where these products are coming from, which they have the right to know.” said Ms Gibson.

“Ta Ann are at a cross roads, they can either continue to entrench themselves in outdating practices of forest destruction or they can come into line with the Tasmanian forest negotiations and stop accepting wood from high conservation value forests.  Why does Ta Ann wish to remain entrenched in outdated forest destruction, regardless of the consequences for  the Tasmanian community, rather than move forward?” said Ms Gibson.

“In an unprecedented move, the legislative council is today attempting to silence the public. The MLC’s that have today announced that they would not pass a piece of legislation if community opposition continues are abusing their power and their democratic responsibilities.  ” said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Tas MLCs are completely out of order by giving their support to this rogue company. What planet are they living on? It’s ridiculous too that it has been stated that the MLCs action will threaten the forest peace process: there isn’t peace now and there never will be until those in charge of forestry in Tasmania start truly valuing and protecting these iconic places, instead of looking at them on a map with $ signs in their eyes. Congratulations to SWST, Code Green and all others who are doing whatever they can to highlight what is really happening in our forests.

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