Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 61

“What you are doing is so amazing”  …. “your action will go down in history” …. “I wish I had the courage that you have”….. “I wish I could do what you do” …. “you are a true hero”

Hmm…. how awkward! These are just some of the things people have said to me since I have been in this tree.  I shyly thank them for their support. But it makes me feel a little uneasy. What do you say when someone calls you a hero? What I really want to say is “I am not a hero”

I guess it’s because I don’t want to be your hero. I want you to be your own hero. And you can be. For the forests, for yourself, for the world. Everybody can do something that makes them a hero. I think the most important part of my action is that it is inspiring other people. I hope that I can inspire you too.

I am not sitting up here on behalf of you. I am sitting up here in solidarity with you.

My action alone will not save the forest. That is just not how it goes. I really need you. Maybe I even need you to be MY hero! Because without you we cannot save this forest. It’s not that I don’t believe that the actions of one person can make a difference, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting up here, right? But I think that the way it can make a difference is to inspire others so that together we can create change. I think this is how it is always throughout history. But it is often not how history is told. Somehow in the retelling the stories always change. The history books become filled with “heroes.”  The tale of David vs. Goliath gets repeated over and over again. I can’t know whether the story of David and Goliath is true. But I do know this much… it is very difficult when you are one person small and alone trying to fight off something that is much bigger than you (for example… the logging industry) and it would be much easier to fight if there were lots of Davids (so to speak) working together. For every story in history of a hero, an idol, a leader who changed the world…there is the unwritten story of many many people who took action, many people without whom that change would never have come about.

This is what I want to say when people call me a hero.

Me sitting up here in this tree wouldn’t make any difference if it wasnt’ for you. If you weren’t reading my blog, spreading the word, taking action. The companies who are buying the wood that comes from this forests, they probably wouldn’t really care what I think. Let’s face it, I probably wasn’t going to be buying any of their timber flooring anyway, right? Who do they really care about? Well, it’s you. I mean, not just you, but all of you –  collectively. When they see that right across the world there are people who are speaking up for these forests, that is when they will start getting worried. And if my action is going to save this forest, that is how it will happen. Not through my action alone, but as the catalyst for actions  right across the world.

Community action in the Upper Florentine forest

Please don’t think that I am something special, that I am living a life you couldn’t live, doing things you couldn’t do. Sure, maybe you aren’t able to climb up into these trees. But you can still speak up for these forests (and the other things that are important to you too). In what ever way that you can. Whether it be painting a sign and getting your photo into our 24 hours of action (hint, hint). Or writing a letter to the editor about the issue. Posting information on facebook. Handing out flyers. Taking part in the cyber action. These things are as important as sitting in trees!

So please, next time you think that I am a hero, remember that you are a hero too! Next time you feel glad that I’m up here defending the forests, remember that I am doing this WITH you. And that only together will we be able to make a difference.

On that note, I want to encourage everyone to take part in the global day of action. Even if all you can do is write a small sign, hold it up in your lounge room or back yard and get a photo. It doesn’t matter how small your action is, it still counts.

On Wednesday when we contact the Japanese companies who are buying wood from Ta Ann that comes straight from these high conservation value forests….. we want to show them how much people care about these forests. I know that you care, because you are taking the time to read this. But we have to make sure that they know too. The impact that we can make if we have 20 actions is twice as big as if we had 10. The impact that we can make if we have 100 actions… well, that would be just HUGE.

Ta Ann and their customers are beginning to feel the pressure. The word is spreading. Their “eco”-friendly brand is at stake. The cyber action has been getting lots of attention. If we can show them that the world does not want to buy products made from ancient forests… if we can show them that the world wants to see these world-class forests protected….If we can show them that it’s not just one person sitting at the top of a tree who loves these forests, but hundreds of people all over the globe… then we will be one great big step closer to them making the change they need to.

Please, join me on feb 14 and 15. Be my hero!!!


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  1. OK, good article, I’ll try and do something.

  2. Remain strong and roped in. Just don’t go overboard. There should be a rotating shift of ‘observers’ when you feel the need to return to ground level. All the best!

  3. big day tomorrow.. hang in there

  4. um… just for being, you are special… what you are doing is necessary.. 🙂

  5. oh Miranda love your wisdoms…and you are always my heroine xxxxx

  6. We’re the planeteers, you can be one too, cos’ saving our planet is the thing to do!

    Right on as always miranda.

  7. Amazing blog, thanks.
    I often have these feelings about people saying how much work we do is great.
    Would be so much greater as people joined us to create more.

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