Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 118

It snowed again!

So, I thought I would put together a little video of footage I recorded on day 100, the first snow day. Thanks to the lovely people at the Hobart Computer Repairs shop who donated their time to retrieve the data from my computer and hard-drive that were damaged on that night… Now I have been able to salvage that footage to show you how beautiful this forest is in the snow. I also have recovered the blog that I was writing for you on that day. Here it is:

“I had this dream last night. I awoke in the middle of the night marvelling at the insights of my dream. I was sure I’d never forget it. But  when I woke in the morning I had no recollection of any of it. What I did remember was the thoughts that it inspired, the lessons I must have learnt from the dream, that I had lay awake turning over in my mind. I had been thinking about the importance of appreciating every moment for what it is. Not wanting it to be more or less. Not being distracted by thoughts of the future or the past. Not wishing to be somewhere else, doing something different. It was all about staying present and mindful. In a way it lead me to think about not just appreciating the moment, but really noticing it. I guess that is a form of meditation, in some ways. It was after these middle of the night epiphanies, that I awoke to one of the most splendid mornings in the world! And I was able to put those thoughts into practise as I spent time watching the snow falling. It is so mesmerizing, snow falling. It is like magic. The way it drifts through silently. The way the forest looks in the snow is like something out of a fairy tale.

Today we had all kinds of snow: snow mixed with rain that is more like sludge, light fluffy snow meandering weightlessly through the sky, heavy pelting snow driven at full force by the wind, hail bouncing off the platform. Sometimes the wind swirled the snow, ripping it through the air, it felt like being in the middle of a blizzard. And other times it was so silent and soft. The intermittent rain meant that the snow didn’t settle on the forest. But in the brief moments when the clouds relinquished their grip of the mountain tops around me, I could see the thick white blanket covering the ridges.

That’s how I spent my 100th day. Watching the snow fall. Staying present in every moment, appreciating every snow-flake that I could lay my eyes on. My toes and fingers a little numb. But happy and content all the same.”

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend. I had such a nice time, with lots of visits from people who were out attending the skillshare at Camp Florentine. And thank you to all the people who couldn’t make it out, but sent along notes and letters of support! What a lovely weekend of snow, visitors and of course chocolate!


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  1. Beautiful snow in the forest! Thanks for sharing the experience Miranda. Stay warm 🙂

  2. spencerjsampson

    Is that Phillip Glass in the background Miranda? What a beautiful day.

  3. Colleen Filippa

    Hi Miranda, saw you on Q&A and thought ‘wow .. who is this girl’? I teach at a local high school here in Ballarat and am aiming to show your blog to my Yr 10 Environmental Science students. I know a few will contact you. Colleen xx

  4. Marjo Chambers

    Thank you, Miranda, for sharing your Day 100 with us in such a simple but deeply spiritual way; I am inspired by your entry.

  5. You are awesome Miranda! A true friend of the forest and all that call it home. Keep walking your talk – you are an inspiration to me – I am an Australian staying in the Netherlands and I will spread your message over here. From a fellow nature lover…x

  6. Margo Kingston

    Hi Miranda. A friend pointed me to this post. Congratulations on your courage and perseverance. Sounds like a life changing experience for you, and maybe even the forest you are protecting.

  7. beautiful footage beautiful Miranda stay warm, missing you but so lovely to see you on video xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Home page of the guardian website!
    Well done on getting it out there- here I am in Melbourne, news to me that the agreement was yet to be fulfilled.
    I’ll also be taking your story into the classroom- though I can understand wanting to leave it for the forests ; )

  9. It is very rare these days to see young people caring about anything but themselves. So I was heartened to see your courageous effort. I knew nothing of your quest until I read Bob Brown’s comments, why is the media so reluctant to inform us on the beauty of heart. I will now follow your stand with interest and maybe just maybe if I were younger and not a grandmother I’d be up there with you, I am at least in spirit.

  10. Hi Miranda, it is great (and humbling) to see your one-woman action. Stay snug, all the best x

  11. Sending you warm vibes in cold weather!

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