Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 121

A lot has happened today!

Ali talks to the media after being release from prison today

Fellow forest activist Ali Alishah was today released from Risdon Prison where he served, in total, a three month sentence for taking part in peaceful community action against the destruction of Tasmania’s forests. It’s great to have Ali back on the outside again. And I’m sure he has appreciated all the support he has received from people. “I remain committed to the protection of the Tasmanian marine, forest and community environments. I am proud of my actions in the past and I look forward to the legislated protection of Tasmania’s natural heritage” Ali said in a press statement today. He also congratulated me on my ongoing efforts…. Thanks Ali! I would like to congratulate Ali for his ongoing efforts, in fact. And for his continued committment to campaign for the protection of our precious forest, despite the harsh penalties that he has faced.I do remember the day he went in to prison I wrote on my blog that I hoped this forest would be protected and I’d be able to get down and meet Ali at the gates on the day he got released. Well, unfortunately, the forest is still under threat. There is still no sign of a moratorium on the area of forest that has now be verified by independent experts to be of significant conservation value, with many area to be of world heritage value (including the forest that I’m in). Sadly, logging continues in these forests.

The other big thing that happened today, which I’m sure you have all heard about by now, is that Bob Brown has resigned. I would like to say a big thank you to Bob for all his hard work and dedication over so many, many years… standing up for the forests and for the people. It must be a hard job being in politics, I’m sure, and trying to make changes for the betterment of people and planet. He has done so with remarkable committment and determination, and also with humility. I think his absence will be felt right across Australia.

Thanks to Bob for all the support he has given to me and the Observer Tree. I was glad to hear that in his resignation media release he said that now he has more time on his hands he will be looking forward to coming out to visit me and my tree. I will very much be looking forward to his visit too!

Two other exciting things happened in my day today. Firstly I got up very early to skype with people in North America. A group of people who had heard about what I am doing got together to hold an information display at the Cornell University Library. The information display and stall ran all day and generated lots of interest. I Skyped into the stall to answer questions and talk to people about the campaign. It was great to talk to people on the other side of the world about what is going on here. And if anyone else reading this feels inspired  to organise something like this in your area, let me know (email observertree2011@gmail.com)

The second exciting thing is that the Guardian featured a story about me on the Environment page. Check it out HERE. It even features my recent video blog of the snow.

And what’s more…. I had a nice warm sunny day today up here. Which began with a beautiful sunrise and ended with an equally beautiful sunset. Another spectacular day in The Observer Tree!


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  1. Welcome back to sanity, Ali. You have our complete support, we agree with you wholeheartedly. They are wrong, as we all know.

    Be with friends and recuperate. Take personal time out. Recall Bob Brown endured the cell treatment unjustly too.
    He created an entire movement as a result.

    You’re a champion of Tasmania’s natural heritage – who have no voice against the monsters otherwise.


  2. Hi Miranda, just found out about what you are up to – in the Guardian no less. Although technically a Tasmanian, I’m out of the loop, living in Jordan for a couple of years doing wildlife conservation work in the south at Wadi Rum. Anyhow, just wanted to say i think you are doing great work, keep it up. I was so glad to read positive news (i.e. your commendable efforts) on the sad day Bob steps down (and good luck to him, a wonderful statesman and example for all). Take care. CG

  3. Not giving up is something that kept us going on the Franklin river. It was a big thing.
    You, Ali and all the mob give me hope!

  4. Margaret Cashman Bailes

    Hi Miranda. Love the writings from you. Welcome home Ali. No doubt you felt very much for some of the inmates so definately not criminals – just lost souls in this corrupt and confusing world. You have also done wonders to help all species – enjoy a good rest and home welcome. Our dearest friend Bob Brown has earned his break and moves on to continue his activism, never retirement, for this is the humble and real man he is. We look forward to giving Bob more support, as we will continue to give you more support, and all the team involved who are now worldwide.
    Let us know what we can provide. Is your platform in excellent condition, your ropes strong and not frayed – which some replace all as they are checked, the elements not too trying? Has the thought of an exchange for a break crossed your mind? Is the food enough, meagre, or too much? Do you have medicines up there on high?
    I feel by now, many who have not been able to grasp the big picture that all species are threatened by human bad business, might well be wishing they had never said mean and derogatory words about all of us who have cared for a very long time. They might even have read all the fact sheets and seen how beautifully duped and manipulated they have been for many years, for, the making of profits at the cost of the planet is a truly ugly and futile practise – they may wish to say how sad and sorry they are after finding out why you have sacrificed your time to get the messages out to the locals and the world. Thinking people may wish to, and all of us wish they would, so we can have you back with us again. I try not to worry as an oldy, and your family and friends keep you strong I’m sure. Your message is very strong, the facts crystal clear, those who cannot see must try harder, so we can have you home. Say hello and many “Caws” to the Forest Raven who visits, and big positives for all species so insensitively and cruely destroyed in many industries.
    Love, Maggie from Westerway.

  5. Thank you Miranda, Ali and Bob :-). You are all honourable people doing amazing work.xxxx

  6. Natalie Harding

    Wow, what a day yesterday was! As Bob steps down, it’s wonderful to have two amazing, passionate young Tasmanians campaigning for the protection of our forests. It’s so comforting to have such dedicated people out there! My full support! Mwah! X

  7. Hi Miranda, you are all doing a great job. Could you possibly contact me pterking@gmail.com as I need to discuss a parcel I’ve sent.

  8. Yes, welcome news that Ali has been released. and I wish Bob all the best in the years in front of him, outside the Parliament.

  9. Ciao Miranda ho appena visto il documentario Missione natura, ed ho appreso dove vivi e ke cosa stai facendo per la Foresta. Ti ammiro molto continua così Ciao da Daniela from Italy Pisa

  10. Saluti di Tasmania, spero tutti va bene, Garry.

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