Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 122

Hope you enjoy this  film. I actually took this footage a little while ago, so technically it is not a description of day 122. But I thought you might like another video blog to see what everyday life is like up in the tree sit.

Today was the most perfect sunny day. I climbed around from branch to branch to make the most of it … chasing the sunshine around the tree! And now with the sun down, the night sky is offering a very spectacular display of stars. I might take my swag out from underneath the tarp and fall asleep looking at the stars!

Talk again tomorrow,

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  1. Yummo cherries -)

  2. The little joys in life Miranda! Cherries! How’s your solar power going I wonder? And can you watch video’s on your computer? I don’t know if you received this video from Perth advocates for the Forests that they posted to facebook today, but I’d like to post it to you to enjoy. As a Dutchie I am so proud of this woman, Leonie van der Maessen. Hopefully you haven’t seen this yet and it will encourage you to keep going. Here’s the you tube link. I am crying with joy while I’m writing this….:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_hQz3zbGLSU#!

  3. Sweet. Keep the blogs coming Miranda and don’t let the bastards grind you down!!! Was that Kat Lyons in the groundcrew getting the letter?

  4. Thank you for this film. It’s sad about the work ’round the corner’.

  5. Steven Jurgeit

    122!!!!!Wow!!!!!! Thanks Possum!!!!!

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