Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 144

Wow! How bright is the moon tonight? It is spectacular. Tonight it is apparently a “super moon.” A natural phenomenon in which the moon is extra-large, the biggest it will be for the year. How special to get to view it from the upper canopy of the forest. I wasn’t sure how much I would get to see it.  Early on in the evening the cloud cover was thick. And although the night was exceptionally bright, I could only see the moon itself in very quick glimpses, as the clouds faded for a moment. Now, however, it is shining brightly. A wispy thin layer of cloud rushes past, illuminated in the brilliant light of the moon. It’s a nice night to be in a tree!

Well, I have something very exciting to share with you tonight! I have decided to start a new video blog series for you. It’s called “Conversations with Miranda.” It is a talk show, Observer Tree style, featuring a different special guest each episode. Now, I don’t know how frequently the episodes will be, as it’s not all that often I get visitors to my place! But tonight I am launching the first episode, with special guest Lily Leahy.  Lily is one of my best friends in the whole world. And as well as being a great friend Lily is also a great plant nerd, always identify plants where-ever she goes and sharing interesting little facts about them. Lily and I are co-authors of Flora and Fauna of the Upper Florentine Valley.  And in this little film you get to learn all about the plants that grow in the forest around my tree. Plus some handy hints on getting started with becoming a plant nerd too! We even take you on a tour of my tree tops, to check out some of the life growing in the upper canopy of the Observer Tree. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as Lily and I enjoyed making it.

Please take a minute to help defend Tasmania’s ancient forests.
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  1. Awesome book! We have a copy thanks to Lily. The world is a much richer place with people like you girls fighting for our Forests and everything that lives in it. Looking forward to the video blogs.

  2. Hey you cute Birdies up there! So much thanks for the “lesson”. Very interesting for a guy from Finland, Scandinavia. Been once in Oz, and walking in the bush was just an everlasting adventure! All the best to you both! A tiny hug, Martti Kedrin

  3. Glenys Gibson

    Awesome video Miranda and Lily, so informative. What wonderful women you both are, love and hugs xxxxxxx

  4. Steven Jurgeit

    I’ll be emailing Still Wild Still Threatened tonight to get my copy, Miranda, Lily. Loved seeing around your tree and hearing about the lichen – now there’s something not many people would know! Thanks again.

  5. Wonderful education on Tasmania’s trees and nature. This would be surely welcomed by school children all over.

    I have never seen a video about trees by someone in a tree sit.

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