Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 145

It’s funny how the everyday reality of living in a tree has become so normal for me now that it appears even in my dreams. In most of my dreams even if I am not in the tree or doing anything related to the forest, I am still marked in some way by my tree-top experiences. Most commonly this is through the presence of my rope.   It pops up in most of my dreams, for example trying to shut a door but I can’t  because my rope was in the way! In another dream I was on my front porch talking to the neighbours, my rope was trailing out the front door, attached to me and I was trying to hide it so as not to give away the fact that I was a “greenie.” Or sometimes I suddenly realise I’m wearing my harness. People tried to say that I could probably take it off, given that I was no longer living in a tree, but for some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

I often have dreams where I realise my tree-sit is different to how it really is (usually being a lot fancier). One time I dreamt that I suddenly became aware that I had an entire apartment attached to my tree sit! I walked in and someone was there boiling the kettle. I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to realise that it was there, and that all that time I could have simply popped next door to boil the kettle had I felt like a cup of tea. It was so warm and dry in there and I wondered why I had ever been sitting out on that cold wet platform all these months! In my dream I fell asleep on a soft and cosy red couch in the apartment. It was so vivid that when I really awoke in the pitch black night I felt disoriented and thought I was still on the red couch. As my eyes adjusted to the faint glow of moonlight I realised that it had all been a dream and I was really in my sleeping bag inside my swag.

I had another dream where I was showing people around my tree sit and realised that I had a proper bathroom with a flushing toilet and a shower. My guests were amazed and asked me why I insisted on using a bucket for my toilet when I had all the facilities I needed. I couldn’t quiet work out the answer!

Even in dreams that have nothing to do with tree-sitting I often have moments where I suddenly think to myself: “what am I doing here? I’m meant to be in the tree!” And start panicking that I have abandoned my tree top post!

It makes me wonder what things will actually be like when I get down. Will I really want to wear my harness around for quite some time, still trailing my rope like a tail? Just because I am so used to it’s presence in my life? Will I sometimes I look down and panic when I see it’s absence? Will I have moments where I wonder what I’m doing and why I’m not in a tree? Will I want to use a bucket instead of a toilet? (Probably not!).

Will I wake in the middle of the night disoriented and unsure of where I am. Eventually as my eyes adjust to the pale light from the street lamps outside I will realise that I am asleep inside a room surrounded by four walls, instead of in my swag looking out over the moonlit forest.

Sweet dreams,

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  1. John Considine

    Maybe the sight of a piece of rope will always remind you of your connection to your Tree…
    and your connection to our most beautiful Mother Earth…. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  2. Thanks sis, I love hearing about your dreams. I have dreamt on several occasions that you have come down the tree. One time I am freaking out as you were real blase about coming down for the day and I’m telling you that it is not time, people will see you, you have to go back up. Another dream you abseiled down for a chat and sat a foot above the ground. And another dream someone else was trying to get up the tree to take your place & was all protective of you.

    Then there was that vivid dream I had where I climbed observertree and when I reached the top the ocean met your deck and I saw the most exotic fish I have ever seen. Another dream when I reached the top the deck was attached to coffee shops and there were people walking around shopping. I was so surprised and said ‘sis I thought it was going to be peaceful up here’ and I asked why you had not been tempted to step off the deck and go for a coffee!

    Love you & thank you!

  3. I love hearing about your dreaming too 🙂 I also dream about you up there, I miss you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Thanx for sharing Miranda. When I came out of the Franklin after 6 months up there, i couldn’t sleep inside a house, would wander around people’s gardens until i could find a tree to sleep under, out of the street light, or even near a pot plant on the verandah-.. spent a lot of time sleeping outdoors since. Even now, 30 years later, i always imagine I’m under a protective tree when i go to sleep. And have to be able to smell the fresh air…

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