Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 180

I thought she would hate it. I imagined her clinging to the tree with white knuckles and a pale face, petrified of being up so high. And if the height didn’t do it, I thought it might be the cold, the spiders and the distinct lack of facilities, that might have her wanting to get back to land.  But no! As it turns out, love overcomes fears, and my Mum faced all her fears head on, stepped well outside her comfort zone and came for a stay in the Observer Tree. Now, anyone who knows my Mum will know what a feat this was. She has never been camping in her life and never wanted to. She much prefers the close proximity of warm showers and flushing toilets, cosy beds and the safety of walls to keep out all those pesky insects. The amazing thing is that she loved it so much she stayed longer than she had even planned to.

I must apologise for my blogging absence of the past week. I hope you will forgive me, as I was just having such a good time hanging out with my Mum. We spent days laughing and talking and catching up on the lost time.

In the two days leading up to my Mum’s visit I was busy renovating the Observer Tree. Giving it a good make over and up grade in preparation for my special visitor. A whole day was spent on making the “en suite” and the “shed.”  My lovely ground crew bought me some furniture. Now I have a little fold out table and chairs. (I’m sitting at it right now typing this. And what a difference it makes too…. not having to crouch over the computer). The ground crew also sent me up some curtains and other items to make my place as homely as possible.

After a whole day renovating, I woke up the next morning and it was freezing, the new extensions were letting cold air in. I was so disappointed, I thought I’d been making things better, but I’d made things worse! I couldn’t have my Mum being cold. So I was up for another day of renovating to make the house more wind-proof. Finally on the morning of my Mum’s visit the place was looking great! The only thing to worry about was whether I should have the brown or grey blanket on my bed and whether the blue or red pillow case matched it best! I felt so excited and I wanted everything to be perfect!

I sat waiting and waiting… I didn’t want to do anything in case I mess up my spick and span house! Then at last I heard voices wafting through the forest. But before I saw my Mum I heard the call  “COPS.” Did I hear right? Was someone calling out that the police were here? And then I saw my Mum, a little speck of red jumper amongst the leaves. Followed closely by the fluorescent yellow vest of a police officer. Hmmm… what were the police doing here? I hoped they weren’t going to stop my Mum coming up to see me! Imagine: for her to get all the way to the tree and then not be able to come up and see me? Well, luckily the police left shortly after. They were just “checking up” on me.

Time for Mum to bravely get on the rope and come up!

I watched my Mum get closer and closer up the rope. Her smiling face and happy wave getting more and more visible. When she was finally here and giving me a big hug and lots of kisses, I felt so happy to at last be seeing her in person again.

I have really missed my Mum while I have been up here, for almost six months now. We are very close, she is like a best friend to me. We do have many chats on the phone, but that’s never really the same as seeing each other in person.

She stayed for four nights in the Observer Tree and having her here gave me a renewed energy. We stayed up late tucked in our swags, giggling away; it was like having a slumber party.  I wont tell you too much more about the visit, because I’m working a great little video blog for you. Stay tuned for that coming very soon!

One thing that can definitely be hard about being up in the tree all the time is the loneliness. Missing spending time with the people who I love. So it was so wonderful to have my Mum come to see me. Tonight as I sit here, alone again, while my Mum is now back in Hobart, I feel overwhelmingly lonely. Although I think the fun and laughter will keep my spirits up and keep me going for a long time to come, right now I also feel the loneliness that comes with the empty space left behind after such a visit. Here’s hoping that the forests will receive the protection they deserve sooner rather than later and I can spend more time with my Mum and all the other important people in my life, on the ground.


Click HERE to take action to help protect Tasmania’s native forests.

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  1. This is a beautiful post. I have been following your venture from my little room in Hobart and where I can hear the ocean I imagine you, Miranda, hearing trees.
    Everyone speaks very highly of you – Bob Brown praised you at a talk at UTas a few weeks ago. I think the most splendid thing about reading your blogs is that it has made me really believe that one voice can be heard loud and clear from the treetops. The way you write about Tassie’s bush is so familiar. In this fight, the message of hope from the Observertree and the vision apparent is just as important, if not more so, than the immediate outcome. I’d love to come and visit someday.

  2. Garry Stannus

    That news is so good! I was worried, and thinking maybe the weather was so bad that you couldn’t get your batteries charged, or something like that. And there’s been some pretty horrible wind. So it’s wonderful news to see that you had a special visit. Good news! Good on your mum, too! Gutsy plus!

  3. hey Miranda great blog. That is so cool that you had your mum in your tree,,puts a new spin on kids leaving the nest lol. Keep warm with a steely resolve.

  4. Good on you Miranda. Hopefully all the love and warmth and cosiness your thousands of supporters are sending you reaches you loud and clear tonight. Good on Mum- brave soul, like her daughter! As the cold wind and rain buffets me here inside a house, I send you some of the warmth by my fire. Strength and courage. “We’ll be winning any day now…..”

  5. Thanks for a great blog, I felt the happiness and love that you shared with your Mum. Keep up the great work, there are a lot of us out there who are very proud and thankfully for what you are trying to achieve, regards Jill

  6. YAY! Good on you Mum! It’s fantastic that you two could be together for a few days and bask in each others love. I am feeling very happy for you both. xx

  7. Wow! What a great Mum! Keep up the great work, Miranda!

  8. Your mum must love you a lot to get on the ropes to go up so high. I couldn’t believe how high it was until I saw the pictures from below. I can totally relate to her need to see you. I am a mum too, and would absolutely do the same. Now your mum has been once you probably wont keep her away since discovering the beauty of living in a tree.

  9. Again I can’t help but repeat that you display wonderful courage and strength and I hope that soon this government comes to its senses, closes down Forestry Tasmania and protects our wonderful forests. My love goes out to you and to your Mum. It must have been sooooo hard leaving one another when the visit ended. Keep up the amazing work!

  10. Leilani Garland

    Hi Miranda and Glenys how wonderful that you could spend time in the tree!!!!!! Such great photos., You are both very brave. love and hugs
    Leilani xxx

  11. What a heartwarming and amazing story. Good on you Glenys, we were so excited here on the ground to think you were in the tree with Miranda. What a gift you gave her, our treesitting warrior.

  12. Wonderful to see u & your mum together after such a long time…(even if she did bring the cops with her:)….boy mum sure loves ya…unreal…..one of those $5 hand warmers i linked to arrived from WA yest…still havent tried it out but looking forward to it…instant hot water bottle heat…GB

  13. Glenys Gibson

    Had such a wonderful visit beautiful Miranda, now back in Brisbane and feeling so far from the amazing observer tree. Thank you so much Miranda, you are an amazing inspiring woman, loving daughter and wonderful friend. Spending those days and nights together has re-charged me too… Thank you everyone behind the scenes supporting this action 🙂 So many great people looked after me whilst I was in Hobart…. THANK YOU xxxxxx

  14. You are so inspiring Miranda, it’s humbling to be reminded that you are out there and alone. So glad for you your mum came to visit! Stay strong, we all love and admire you and your dedication, strength and warrior spirit. We WILL protect these forests!… Big hugs xx

  15. WOW! SALUTE! I cannot explain how thrilled I am to learn of your endeavours. TRULY you are achieving the extraordinary! I wish you the absolute best of luck and my sincerest gratitude for taking up this cause. I am going to spread the awareness as much as I can and will keep up to date with your posts.
    Pat Dickens
    The Seals Of Nam
    South Africa

  16. u r incredible! what journey!!! concratulations,,, i ‘ m your fan!!! ❤

  17. Madeleine Lavoie Tremblay

    Congratulations Miranda ! I must say , I am very impress ! 180 days ! Keep up the great work . Your cause is worth it . From Québec , Canada BRAVO ! Madeleine .

  18. Allegra Biggs Dale

    Miranda, the news of you and and your mum’s visit was so inspiring, against all the personal odds she took to the ropes to join, embrace you and share that loving bond you both enjoy. Like mother, like daughter, a dynamic pair of super human women! Best of luck as winter sets in, we’re praying for positive outcomes for our forests, its creatures and of course for you! A big hug, stay warm, safe and healthy. Allegra Biggs Dale & Adrian Dale, Bruny Island

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