Tasmania’s forests still falling: watch the brand new film!

Tasmania’s magnificent forests are still falling every single day as Japanese companies continue buying product sourced from the ongoing destruction.

From the frontline, where the forests are being logged and supplied to Ta Ann’s mill, we have filmed the cycle of forest destruction that is occurring right now in Tasmania’s wild forests. Watch it below, and share it with your friends! The film is also available with Japanese commentary and can be viewed HERE.

572,000 hectares of forest in Tasmania are proposed for protection and have been independently assessed by a team of experts. They found that the majority of the proposed reserves “meet one or more National or World Heritage criteria” and “represent the last chance to address and protect many natural heritage values on forested public land”.*

Negotiations are underway to provide protection for these unique forests and a transition to genuine sustainability for Tasmania’s crisis-ridden native forest industry. Meanwhile, the very forests being discussed for reservation are still being destroyed. Disgracefully, a promised moratorium on logging has never been properly implemented.

We have updated our cyber action, so that you can tell Ta Ann’s customers about new evidence of road-making and logging in the pristine forests followed by massive deliberately lit fires.

Click here to take action now and ask these companies to help us end the ongoing destruction and instead support protection of Tasmania’s native forests!

Take a few minutes to take action for Tasmania’s forests, and then make it doubly effective by sharing the action and our new film with your friends and family and asking them to also send a message.

For more information go to www.taann.net

* Mackey, Brendan (2012). ‘Tasmanian Forest Agreement – Summary Report of Conservation Values.’ Prepared for the Independent Verification Group of the Tasmanian Forest Agreement. March 2012, p. 9.

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  1. Forestry of ancient forest really is a hate crime by selfish ignorant biggots, no different to the slave trade or the child sex trade. The objects are treated with equal contempt.

    Excellent video. Tasmania ought to initiate an awards incentive programme for short online videos/films. This would win the ecological category for 2012.

    I haven’t forgotten about you.



  3. Paul Vonwiller

    Please help and save the rainforest. We can;t affoed to destroy it. It is important to the environment. The earth has to be treated well and nature is important to out living life. Human have to look after the planet.
    Yours Sincerely, Paul Vonwiller from Sydney

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