A forest a day! 9 July: SX028J, Styx Valley

Current logging operations in SX028J, Styx Valley

The spectacular forests located in coupe SX028J are currently being destroyed by logging operations. This tract of forest was formerly populated with giant eucalypt trees, a number of which had visible hollows. Below the upper canopy was a thick rainforest understorey consisting of myrtle beech, celery-top pine, sassafras and tree ferns. Mapping data indicates a wedge tailed eagle nest in the vicinity of SX028J, and also identifies this forest as quoll habitat.

Immediately adjacent to a reserve, SX028J’s high conservation value has made the logging of this forest highly contentious. A number of community protest actions took place when the first section of this coupe was logged last year, at a time when it should have been protected by a moratorium. An additional section of this forest is being logged right now.

These images, taken yesterday, show the immense size of the eucalypts in this forest as well as the clear felling that is currently occurring in SX028J. The trees in the foreground and the forest behind them will be felled in the coming days or weeks.

The much anticipated forest agreement will not come in time to save this magnificent forest from logging operations.

Please take action HERE to protect the remaining spectacular forests of the Styx Valley and other threatened forests right across Tasmania.

These giant eucalypts, located in SX028J, will be logged in coming days or weeks.

For more information about the ‘A forest a day’ project, which is a collaboration between Huon Valley Environment Centre, Still Wild Still Threatened, The Last Stand, Markets for Change and Code Green, please click HERE.

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  1. Wow I’ve just found out about what you are doing. We were in the Stix Valley and Mt Field just 8 weeks ago. Would have loved to have seen where you are. The forest there needs protecting it is just so amazing. Thank you so much for making a stand.

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