Australian tree sitting record broken today!

Today, Miranda Gibson breaks the Australian record for the longest tree sit. Miranda has remained at the top of a tree, 60 meters above the ground for 209 days, in protest of the ongoing logging of Tasmania’s high conservation value forests.

“I climbed to the top of this tree over six months ago and made the commitment to remain here until the forests are protected. Unfortunately these globally significant ecosystems have remained under threat and I have needed to maintain my vigil for 209 days” said Miranda Gibson.

“This is a significant milestone to reach, and this is now the longest running tree sit in Australian history. However, I sincerely hope for the sake of these high conservation value forests that protection is secured soon and I can come down from the tree” said Ms Gibson.

“The failure to stop the destruction of all the independently verified high conservation value forests and the continual delays in negotiations has caused enormous community concerns, raising question as to whether a resolution will be reached in the near future that secures real forest protection” said Ms Gibson.

“My presence is this tree has acted as a constant reminder for the past 209 days that verified world heritage and national heritage value forests are being lost, primarily due to Ta Ann’s wood supply specifications” said Ms Gibson.

“I have been in communication with the corporate customers of Ta Ann, to inform them of the conservation values of this forest and the need for Tasmania to move forward to a sustainable forest industry through the protection of high conservation value forests” said Ms Gibson.

“The Observer Tree has drawn international attention to the values of the forests that are currently threatened by logging. From the tree tops I have used to connect to the world; updating a regular blog and conducting talks around the world via Skype.” said Ms Gibson.

“I am committed to staying at the top of this tree for as long as it takes to see Tasmania’s precious forests given the protection they deserve” said Ms Gibson.

Click HERE and take action for Tasmania’s forests now!

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  1. Thank you Miranda!!! For having such courage and determination, for bringing world wide attention to the plight of our forests and for showing us by example how to fight for what we believe in. You are a true Australian hero!!!! I only wish your brave self-sacifice wasn’t necessary. How proud and amazed your mother must be!!!

  2. Garry Stannus

    Yes, Miranda, you are getting the message out there. I heard you on ABC Radio this morning, being interviewed by Leon Compton.

    Tree-sitting, and change.
    Tue 10 Jul 2012, 12:49pm by Sarah Gillman

    Tasmanian environmentalist Miranda Gibson has set a new Australian record for tree-sitting, in her campaign to against logging in areas deemed to have conservation value under the Tasmanian forest peace deal. She’s been strapped to a platform 60 metres up a tree in the Tyenna Valley in the state’s south since the 14th of December and told Leon she plans to stay there until her goal is achieved. Download the audio file Former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett will be in Hobart tonight for a Festival of Ideas Forum hosted by Leon, featuring former Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon. They’ll debate the…

    have a listen at

  3. Congratulations, Miranda.
    ABC Local Radio is reporting your efforts well, in NSW.
    Also reported that Federal Opposition’s advice is for you to :”Get a Job”.
    Ain’t that supportive of them???
    Best wishes from Robertson NSW.

  4. Garry Stannus

    Maybe this link is easier…

    and this too looks interesting…

    [audio src="" /]

    … though once I listened to it, it sounded pretty bad, because Leon Compton had used the same line as he did with Miranda, that is, he put it to Ali that he should be prepared to compromise. Ali replied just as Miranda did, that there’d already been compromise (the ongoing logging, the Clayton’s moratorium). What are we supposed to be compromising on? The Roundtable Talks? The Moratorium? The Verification? The IGA? The Conservation Agreement? The Extension of Time? The payment of money to Gunns and FT – while the logging continued and while contractors weren’t pushed back in the money queue?

    What compromise has the logging side made, since the Round Table?

  5. Maree and Andy

    You’re a legend Miranda! I know you hate being called that but your dedication to the cause is truly amazing. Can’t believe that almost 3 months on since we farewelled you on our desert journey, that you’re still up there, helping to protect our ancient, forests from the destruction by the powers that be, who so blatently fail to see the value of their true worth. We’ve been avidly following your blogs, pleased to see that you’ve been getting great ground support and so happy for you, that your mum was able to be with you, to share such a special experience. The fight continues, hopefully for your sake, not for too much longer. Take care, be safe and hopefully we might be able to meet up when we return. 🙂

  6. Well done! And thank you for doing what more of us should, standing up for what is right and doing the right thing by others and our planet. And you are making a difference! All the best Brendan

  7. Therese Quinlan

    Totally agree with Jennifer Scoullar. Thanks, congratulations, and Happy Birthday to you, Miranda :))

  8. I am so proud of you Miranda. Thank you for your great commitment to the forest & to all that live here. You are so strong to have to be able to stay up in a tree for 209 days, for what you believe in – through a Tasmanian winter no less! Many, many people in Australia & around the world really care about you & support what you are doing. I just hope those in power will heed your message.

  9. Totally freaking unreal – you are indeed a national treasure!! Smiles from Bris to Tas, best, sean

  10. Miranda
    I also heard you on the ABC. A great interview – if you don’t stand for something then you stand for nothing! Your stand (or sit most probably) is so important in raising awareness of the destruction of these great forests. Hang in there and stay tied on. Steve

  11. Well done and for such a worthy cause!!!!

  12. Well done Miranda. An awesome effort to protect a national treasure. Keep up the protest and with a large slice of luck a decision to protect our forests should come soon.

  13. I only wish there were more like you; with the passion, commitment, dedication, strength and hope, that you have, to fight against the selfish, greedy, and too powerful Goliaths of this world.
    I thank you for standing up for the rest of us.

  14. Miranda, you’re truly amazing! Your passion, commitment, kindness and strength are phenomenal. Take care and much love xo

  15. Thank you Miranda, for sitting where I can no longer go! You are an amazing young woman. Stay safe and I hope the government listens to you and bans logging of old-growth forest….but I’m not holding my breath!! 🙂
    For all of us who cannot, but believe in what you are doing – thank you.

  16. You are so wonderful and it is such a pity that the world isn’t filled with people like you

  17. Miranda you’re a legend. Maybe people like you (and those you inspire) might save this Planet (or more accurately, it’s ability to support life as we know it).
    Gods power to you

  18. Go Miranda – you’re a hero! Thank you for caring, and having the courage to do something about it.

  19. YOU are amazing!!! thank you so much for doing this we LOVE you!!! Ingetje Tadros

  20. I’m 14 and it’s people like you I look up to. Those who sacrifice their time and luxury to help save the world! If only everyone was as generous and caring as you, the world wouldn’t be in the place it is now and you wouldn’t be in a tree!

  21. Miranda, you are a genuine hero and inspiration. People like you add so much to the world we live in! I admire you.

  22. ciao Miranda ti ho vista l’altra sera tramite una trasmissione MISSIONE NATURA. Ti stimo per quello che tu da sola stai facendo, per tutta l’umanita’ e tutti gli esseri viventi. Sei una grande e con questo voglio dirti che non sei da sola, io sono con te. Spero che tu molto presto scenda da li vittoriosa dando a tutti noi LA VITA. TI ABBRACCIO, AURELIO.

    • Oh if only the world was filled with people like you – it would be so wonderful and Nature would be so healthy and abundant.

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