A forest a day! July 28: PC070B, Picton Valley

Adjacent to the Picton River is a Eucalyptus obliqua forest that is a proposed 54 ha logging coupe.[i]  Logging operations in this coupe were not rescheduled, as was promised by the State and Federal Governments. The primary reason given by the logging industry was that these forests needed to be logged to supply Ta Ann.[ii]

These magnificent forests remain unlogged to date, and they still have a chance to be protected. These forests, along with other large tracts of the Picton Valley, have been verified “to possess important natural and cultural heritage values that relate particularly to World Heritage values of the adjoining Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. In particular, the Weld-Huon-Picton valleys contribute a new complementary ‘lowland’ or lower valley manifestation of attributes already within the TWWHA, for example glacial, karst, tall eucalypt forest and rainforest.”[iii]

Forests adjacent to PC070B have been destroyed over the past two years. A 67ha area of old growth forest in logging coupe PC017C was logged to supply Ta Ann.[iv]

This forest region is potential habitat for the masked owl, spotted-tailed quolls, and nesting habitat for the swift parrot.[v] The ongoing logging of these magnificent native forests adjacent to the Picton River, and contiguous with the World Heritage listed Hartz Mountains National Park, marks a significant loss of spectacular eucalypt forests and crucial threatened species habitat.

View of the intact forest of PC070B (to the right of clearfell) with Hartz Mountain National Park on the horizon.

CLICK HERE to take action now for the spectacular forests of the Picton Valley, and for high conservation value forests right across Tasmania.

For more information about the ‘A forest a day’ project, which is a collaboration between Huon Valley Environment Centre, Still Wild Still Threatened, The Last Stand, Markets for Change and Code Green, please click HERE.

[i] Foresty Tasmania. Forest Practices Plan: PC070B

[ii] Hoffmann, O. & Williams, D. Report  Of Independent Expert Schedulers Appointed Under the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement, 12th October 2011

[iii] Hitchcock, P, (2012) Verification of the Heritage Value of the ENGO-Proposed Reserves, IVG Forest Conservation Report 5A, p.87.

[iv] Huon Valley Environment Centre (2011) Behind the Veneer: Forest Destruction and Ta Ann Tasmania’s Lies

[v] Forestry Tasmania Forest Practices Plan PC070B and PC017C

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