Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 258

I awoke in the middle of the night to something soft and cold brushing against my face. I squinted into the darkness, the slight tint of moonlight barely enough to see by.  small light flakes of snow were softly drifting onto my face and settling on my sleeping bag.  In my sleepy haze it took awhile to work out what was going on. As I looked around I saw that the wind was blowing the gap in the tarp open and with the wind came the snow.  Unlike all those crazily rainy nights when water somehow always seemed to escape inside, this time I didn’t mind. In fact the feeling of flakes of snow on my nose made me smile. And so I  just snuggled down into my sleeping bag and drifted back to sleep.

In the morning I opened my eyes and looked out across the platform. A perfectly smooth, crisp white layer of snow-covered everything. There is something remarkable about this type of snow. The way it settles so perfectly clean and fresh. I didn’t even want to walk out there and disturb it with footprints!  I could see small loops of rope poking out of the snow. It reminded me of a sea-serpent.  And in the center of the platform, the sharp black lines of the metal from my little step machine stuck out from white snow in stark contrast.


I spent a long time peering over the edge of the platform looking down towards the ground. I  love watching the snow fall this way. Watching it settle on the branches. Watching the tops of the understorey trees get heavy and start to droop. Watching the flakes of snow swirl this way and that with the wind. And  when the gusts come, they way the snow is pelted hard against the tree. I love watching it gather on the trunks of the big trees around me. Piling up in amoung the rough strips of bark, making a polka-dot pattern down the tree.



And as I watched in awe at the magic of snow I had this feeling. Like a sudden strengthening of spirit, a hardening of courage, an uplifting of hope. It’s hard to describe, but I guess it is all that and more, mixed together. “This….” I thought to myself, watching the snow fall. “this is why I keep fighting.” I knew that it was true. that in the incomprehensible beauty of that moment was the very essence of why I am in this tree and will keep on fighting for these forests. And I felt like I would carry this moment with me for the rest of my life, as a reminder of why i fight. Not just for this forest, but for everything… for all the big and small struggles I will face in my life, for all the times when i will be faced with the  opportunity/ responsiblity to do something to make the world a better place  I will remember this moment. And the hope that comes from the innocent and uncorrupted beauty of the natural world.

It’s funny because the night before I had a similar feeling. But on the opposite end of the spectrum – courage that comes not from beauty but from rage.  The anger and pain at the destruction that is occurring to our environment and  our communities. I had been having one of those moments that is easy to have when you are spending so much time with nothing but your own thoughts. I was reflecting on memories of my life. And I was thinking about one memory that I will carry with me forever. A moment in time that represents for me the essence of why I will never give up on fighting to make the world better. A moment that held the pain of all the injustice and destruction in the world. Something that once left me feeling powerless and overwhelmed. But instead of feeling sad and despaired as I once did, I now hold that memory as a reminder of why I will never give up fighting for a better world.


As the snow melts, it begins to reveal again the forest beneath it. It begins to reveal again the branches of my tree, and I look at them fresh as though I am seeing them for the first time. And I realise that my tree carries so many memories too. Scars that run in its bark, marks where branches once grew, burls and hollows. My memories are not so visible, but they are etched deep into the bark of my heart. I carry them with me…. the memories of destruction and rage, beauty and hope. So that I will always have the courage to stand up. And so I will never forget why we must.


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  1. I remember the first time I had a “moment” like the one you describe here, Miranda. A moment when the utter beauty of nature causes a realization and pulls you right into the present moment. It’s indescribably wonderful.

    Keep fighting and thank you for standing up for Tassie’s forests on behalf of all of us. You are inspirational.

  2. gerhard weihermann

    outer beauty meets inner beauty … 🙂

  3. very nice a wonderful discretion of what it is you/we are trying to protect. well done Amanda your achievements so far are outstanding. you are inspiring! hope you get to come down soon. best regards Robert.

  4. sending love and light and warmth Miranda. Thank you for sharing your snow! X

  5. i love this story. it totally made my week and what i wouldn’t give to be up there in that snow-dusted tree with you 🙂 lucky duck!!!

  6. wonderful to read this Miranda…you reminded me of a magical/sacred moment on a Northern NSW beach early one morning….it was one of those jaw dropping beautiful sunrises that are not that common…it was so magnificent that a young guy who had also seen it, said to me as he passed that he was going home to smash his TV set:) Because nothing could ever compare with that…thanks for sharing your ‘connection’ story.

  7. Aware their rivers are poisoned and the land is corrupted the French have realised the depth of their folly, a little too late. Hearing word of Tasmania here helps realise all is not lost but indeed needs a focal point, none can fail to relate to this beautiful piece of writing an experience in which for a short while reduces the sense of fate and shares a common bond of a landscape free of human imprint.

  8. Catherine Smith


  9. Caroline Joseph

    Dear Miranda thanks for today’s blog as it inspires me to put all doubts aside and do my best for the world around me today. Many people carry you in their hearts and I am one of them.

  10. Beautiful writing Miranda.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing such an incredible moment. The photos are stunning! Thinking of you and sending you heaps of forest love from Oregon. Miss you xxx

  12. Thank you Miranda, that was wonderful.

    Mum of two, Geraldine

  13. Thank you for all you are doing Miranda and for sharing these beautiful photos. I love your description of the ‘uncorrupted beauty of the natural world’.

  14. Wow, Miranda..! So beautiful!

  15. I’m really pleased that this was such a positive experience. I’m sure I’m not alone in worrying about you. In these days when the weather has been so overcast, rainy etc. And then the strong winds. Inside my warm room in town, after dark, when the storm beats on the window, I wonder how you are getting on and I wonder if each night brings you fresh hardship. I keep my fingers crossed for you. Last weekend (I was up in Liffey) I pulled all the curtains shut, and sat close to an electric heater, Even so, I found myself pulling my coat tighter around me. I could hear the gusts of wind from time to time. Fortunately, I was warm when I went to bed and I slept well. Outside, the weather continued, but I slept. In the morning, when I got up, I found snow on the verandah – it had frozen sort of hard, if that makes sense. It must have been cold. So that’s what I think of when I hear the weather forecasts. I wonder how you’ll get on in the darkness, with the wind, the rain and the cold – and snow too!

  16. thank you Miranda for this beautiful desciption and letting us be part of your experience.

  17. And the world sang…
    we have to be and make the change – or the change will be made for all in ways no one will like.

    Any way how you doing, really hope your going strong! Just thought I would mention that I plan to come down and say hello this weekend.

    With that said is there anything needed at base camp or for your self personally? More than happy to bring along anything that will be of use.


  18. Hi Miranda,
    Beautiful photos!
    My class and I emailed you last week — to your gmail account.
    Was hoping you could please reply soon, as the kids would be so excited to hear from you, and hear about your stories.

    Take care!

    • So….let me understand, If a child does not like the way their school is run it is OK for them to sit up on the monkey bars and refuse to come down until they get their way? Do you think this is the right message?

  19. MIranda what a beautiful surprise. The photos are just so gorgeous like something from a fairy tale. Michelle K from Gorae

  20. I sometimes think of you in the middle of the night, especially when the wind is howling or its cold, up in your tree. Thank you for sharing this truly inspirational experience. You have described it so beautifully as to be almost felt. Your inspiration is so fresh and alive. I feel encouraged by it. Blessing be for the wonder and miracle of being truely alive. xx

  21. I send you the warmth from my fire to keep your spirit clear and strong and warm the depths of your massive and sensitive heart, bless you sisstar girl Bless the Trees and Bless us all .

  22. Thank you for the description of what must be an awesome experience – through the cold, ice and wind – there is the beauty of the tree and the forest. Thank you for your courage, your hope and your love of the forest & our world. Hoping you get it back hundred fold.

  23. That’s not an honest question, Mark Hawkes. It sounds like a ‘cheap shot’.

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