The Australian Forestry Standard greenwash

A new spoof website has appeared online, exposing the truth behind the greenwash of the Australian Forestry Standard. It also features this clever little film:

Australian Forestry Standard is used to certify wood coming out from the destruction of native forests in Australia, including Tasmania. By having such a certification customers are given the illusion that the wood is from sustainable sources. Yet, as the new website explains, the AFS is “completely inadequate for Australian wood products as they do not prevent globally and nationally significant forests from being destroyed and entering the supply chain.” Certification programs should be independent processes that can provide a guarantee to customers that the products are produced in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Far from this, AFS was started by, and continues to be controlled by, those with logging interests. It is endorsed by PEFC  (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which has a terrible reputation and has been condemned world wide by environmental NGOs.

Here in Tasmania, wood that comes from the destruction of high conservation value forests is ending up at Ta Ann Tasmania’s mils. As we know this includes forests that have been scientifically verified as world heritage and national heritage significance. These irreplaceable forests provide core habitat for endangered species. Yet, shockingly it has been certified by the Australian Forestry Standard!

It’s so important for customers to know the truth about where products are sourced.  Check out the new website HERE and please help spread the word by sharing it through your networks and friends.

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