Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 289

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  1. What a beautiful set of photos Miranda, to think that the State owned Government Business Enterprise of “Forestry Tasmania,” is still wholly intent on flattening almost the very lot for the benefits of Ta Ann Holdings, (an overseas company that has extracted Billions of dollars by plundering and destroying the Natural Forests in many Asia Pacific States in our part of the World,) and this present State government is more than happy to oblige.

    You are one of Australia’s yet unsung stoic heroic champions, we are all so proud of your sentinel gift to our State and its remaining HCV Forests.

    Bye for now,



  2. Hello Miranda,
    As you know from my previous email, I am very concerned that you feel that you have to keep your position up in the tree during the harsh climate in Tasmania’s winter and spring.
    I believe that you should come down, back to ground.
    You have made a very strong stand for the forests and it is good too know that despite the cold, the often strong wind and rain, you are well.
    Unfortunately the “round table ” process is not assisting your concerns.
    TA ANN was supposed to be just recieving logs as byproducts (better grade pulplogs), now it seems the IGA process is giving the byproduct baseload supply status.
    Amazing that the ENGOs involve in the IGA process would give them any volume assistance.

    The IGA process was set up with a very limited, elitist, exclusive mindset.
    Most stakeholders interested in forest related and forestry issues have been excluded from the process.
    The FSC process as it is practiced elsewhere should be the global process to stop bad practice.
    Kind regards from Rosevears
    Frank Strie

  3. can see why u like the snow…so beautiful…must be so healthy up there…thanks for sharing.

  4. Well done Miranda a well deserved recognition for your efforts

  5. Enchanting piece. Was the music Bach’s?

  6. Dear Miranda, I can’t tell you how much I admire your strength and courage, except to say that one day when there is little left of Planet Earth’s forests, there’ll be a statue of you, on your platform with your smiling face, put there by a future generation so grateful for your sacrifice
    that left them something so magnificent as an old growth forest. As much as it’s not the reason you’re doing this, such will the value of these forests and your contribution be understood. As a occasional reader of SWST blogs, I was shocked and saddened by the attack on Camp Flozza and the stark reality of the violent opposition you face from those very selfish and ignorant aggressors. I wish I could do something to help other than donate some money and send some positive vibes from my heart to yours. Your heroic commitment is a singularly powerful force that will guide new generations toward to the urgent and crucial imperatives of conservation,
    I’ve recently suggested to the ABC that your actions should be considered for Australian Story.
    One thing though, I’m quite a bit envious, from here in my groovy warehouse apartment in Melbourne with a big TV and fake wood fireplace, of the beauty you must be experiencing, the smell of the forest, the sounds in the morning, soon the sun will warm those very same fingers 🙂 and you’ll get to witness the turn of the seasons. Your so lucky and appreciated and loved from afar, stay happy and thank you.

  7. What a delightful video! Stunning images. Thank you for sharing. Keep warm and strong Miranda. It looks like you’re in the best place in the world. Lets keep fighting to keep these horrible mines out of the Tarkine! And the agreement signed and sealed. Much Love to You.

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