Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 291

Yesterday I had a visit from a group of members and friends of the Florentine Protection Society. This Tasmanian community group consists of committed people dedicated to the protection of Tasmania’s unique environment and wildlife, In particular through educating the public about the values of the forests, communicating with others and also appreciating the beauty and diversity of Tasmania’s native flora and fauna. They have been great supporters of Observer Tree over the past nine months. Including organising a large banner to be displayed in a prominent position in Hobart for seven months, online ads on Tasmanian Times, technical support, and donations. It was great for a group of their members to make it out to the tree.  Hope you enjoy th e short video about their visit:

So thank you to the Florentine Protection Society for your support! Another organisation that has been a great support is the Huon Valley Environment Centre. I spoke a little the other day about Jenny Weber, winner of the 2012 Bob Brown Environmentalist of the Year award. Jenny has run the HVEC without pay for the past decade. Through this role she has been instrumental in providing a voice for the forests. She has provided support for front-line direct action volunteers through helping raise money for legal costs for activists, as well as being a inspiration and personal support for so many activists in Tasmania. She has taken action on the front lines, helping co-ordinate the long running Weld Valley blockade and has  been arrested several times in her efforts to defend the forests. She has continuously provided a strong stance against Ta Ann’s role in forest destruction here and in Sarawak. I can’t imagine the Tasmanian forest campaign without Jenny and the Environment Centre. Over the years that I have been involved in Still Wild Still Threatened we have worked very closely with the Huon Valley Environment Centre. Our two groups have stood in solidarity with one another through many challenging and many inspiring times, bringing together an amazing array of committed and courageous activists. Both our groups continue to provide a voice for Tasmania’s forests and the species that rely on these forests. A voice that refuses to be silenced. And now the Huon Valley Environment Centre needs our help. They are trying to raise $25,000 in order to provide a wage for Jenny so that she can continue to run the centre. After a decade of unpaid service, this would be a well-deserved wage for Jenny, and would enable her to continue doing the important work she is doing for our community and environment. Please consider making a donation, or find out more by clicking HERE.

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  1. What a wonderful group of people, fantastic to have such great support Miranda xxx

  2. If 500 people all donate $50 or if 1,250 people all donate $20 that will make up the needed $25,000….are there 1250 people on our planet of 6 billion who care & can afford $20????……..be surprised how every bit helps & adds up.

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