Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 330

What a beautiful way to start the day! Yellow tailed black cockatoos welcoming the sunrise!

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Please help protect this forest :

 Click HERE!

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  1. looks like maybe nesting hollows in that tree their on….wonderful shots Miranda…great B&W silhouettes creating a real feel for the moment & location….bet all your winged neighbours love ya….GB

  2. thank you Miranda for sharing these beauitful images, what amazing birds they are and what an amazing woman you are xxxxxxxxxx

  3. It has made my day to see your beautiful photos of the yellow-tails Miranda, thank you! I couldn’t think of more uplifting, early morning company for you. Especially loved the first photo of one landing, wings stretched high and back – stunning. Sending love and prayers to you today Xx

  4. Your doing an amazing job

  5. Congratulation on a task that is going well, and to having a strong spirit to carry it forth. One basic mundane questions that popped in my head…do you have a tent up there??

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