Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 335

It was recently my Mum’s birthday. My sister sent me photos of the family celebration. With technology at our finger tips, it’s like you can be there without being there, right? Except, the instantaneous photos didn’t stop me from feeling that pang in my heart, that little stab of loneliness, of missing my family. Then I remembered the happy memories of when my Mum made the brave step to visit me. It was months ago now, but the happiness of those few days has kept me going through all of the challenges since then. Not just her presence and laughter in the tree, but something more than that – knowing how much she supports what I am doing,  how proud she is of me and the stance I am making on behalf of these forests. And so my memories lead me to look over all the footage we had taken when she stayed here. And now… I have turned that footage into a short film for you. So that you too can enjoy those memories. And see what an adventure it was for my Mum to take her feet 60 meters above ground to visit her daughter. I hope you enjoy the video, and share it with your friends and family too!

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  1. What an absolute joy to watch! You’re one incredible young lady, Miranda, and it’s so nice to see your mother’s total support and pride in your stance. What a brilliant mum – to spend 4 days, 60 mtrs up a tree – awesome! Things are changing in the IGA, and I hope the deal that will inevitably come, is one that gives lasting peace to you especially. Thank you for sharing this lovely video of two exceptional people.

  2. Brought to tears yet again Miranda… Always in our thoughts…

  3. What a great video, thank you Miranda for putting that together. What a wonderful visit and I notice how rugged up I am with gloves and beanie….it was cold up there. Miss you xxxxx

  4. Love Love Love!!!

  5. Hi Miranda,
    What an incredible and brave journey you are taking. I have the great joy of working with your mum and I can certainly see your shared passion for social justice and doing ‘what is right’. Thank you for sharing this special time that you spent with your mum and thank you for what you are doing. Take care. Renae 🙂

  6. You are an amazing inspiration for the world and in my mind you are the Environment Citizen of the Year for the whole world. Thank you for the stand you make for our beautiful forests. You are an extraordinary woman. I can’t thank you enough. From Victoria. xxx STAY STRONG SISTER!!!

  7. So beautiful to see you having a giggle with your mum. You can see where you get your charisma and heartfelt sincerity from. I thought it was particularly powerful when your mum spoke directly to the camera about the issue. I hope watching the movie over brings you strength and a smile Xx

  8. Just keeping on loving you, your Mum and family and your love for our forests.Patsy Harmsen

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