Media Release: Determined forest vigil – One year in the tree tops applauded by Environment Groups

14 December 2012 – As Miranda Gibson today reaches the one year mark perched in her tree platform in the canopy of an unprotected world heritage value Tasmanian old growth forest, twenty-five environment groups around the nation have applauded her record-breaking effort and supported her call for forest protection.

Lauren Caulfield, spokesperson for Friends of the Earth said, “While Tasmania’s iconic forests, and forests around Australia continue to fall to the chainsaws and bulldozers, Miranda’s unprecedented effort for their protection and the biodiversity they support, is both inspirational and vital.”

“We are facing an extinction crisis in Australia. Now, more than ever, we need to protect our unique native forests, which are home to threatened and endangered species.” Lauren Caulfield stated.

Peg Putt, CEO for Markets for Change said, “Miranda is a conduit of information from the ancient forests of Tasmania to people around the world, connecting via skype and her Observer Tree blog from the treetops to Tokyo, New York, and London.”

“Never before in Australia have we seen one person maintaining a tree top vigil and blockade for anything like this long. In an extraordinary feat of determination and endurance, for 365 days Miranda has not left her 3.5 metre wide platform, 60 metres high in the canopy. Through blistering summer heat and smoke from nearby bushfires and then freezing winter snow this incredible young woman has persevered.” Peg Putt said.

Aidan Ricketts, author and activist educator, said “The loggers were forced out of her immediate vicinity by Miranda’s tree sit, but these forests and many others remain under imminent threat of destruction by industrial logging.”

“We join with Miranda in calling for a secure future for these magnificent natural forests, together with the wedge-tailed eagles, Tasmanian devils and many other birds and animals reliant on them for survival. We ask people around the planet to support her outstanding effort and stand with her for our forests down under,” said Mr Ricketts.

“The WA Forest Alliance extends their gratitude and admiration to Miranda. All around the country native forest logging is continuing despite being financially unviable and highly destructive. We’re confident that with the commitment and creativity being displayed by activists around the country, we will see national forest protection achieved in the not too distant future. Miranda is the flagship for forest activism in Australia, and she is doing an amazing thing.”  said Jess Beckerling, spokesperson for the WA Forest Alliance.

‘In support of Miranda Gibson in the Observer Tree:’ Rainforest Information Centre, Friends of The Earth Australia, Markets for Change, Virginia Young and Jarrah Vercoe, WA Forest Alliance, Environment East Gippsland, Geco – Goongerah Environment Centre, Colong Foundation For Wilderness, South East Region Conservation Alliance, Chipstop, Bega Environment Network, ChipBusters, North East Forest Alliance, Forestmedia, Huon Valley Environment Centre Inc, Spirit of Bruny, Nature Photographers Tasmania, Groundswell, Florentine Protection Society Inc, Friends of the Tamar Valley, Save Bahrs Scrub Alliance , Gecko – Gold Coast and Hinterland Council, Logan and Albert Conservation Association, Friends of Durras, South East Forest Rescue.

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