Media Release: Historical day as environmentalist’s year in a tree gains unprecedented support

December 14, 2012 – Miranda Gibson will mark her one year in a tree today with international events and a (never before done) live stream event from the tree tops. Miranda has been vindicated in her decision to remain as a forest protector and beacon of hope, as logging continues in high conservation value forests in Tasmania.

Miranda Gibson said, “I have been inspired by the huge amount of global support that I have received over this past year, and particularly today, as thousands of people prepare to take part in the global cyber event. The international community are calling for the protection of these globally significant forests.”

Miranda Gibson said, “Today marks one year since I climbed to the top of this tree and vowed to stay until the forest is protected. For the sake of the forests I wish I had not reached this milestone.

These forests needed protection a long time ago. Yet they still remain under threat from industrial scale logging.

Miranda Gibson said, “Despite the signing of the recent forest agreement, there is still no certainty for the future of these forests.  And I am committed to staying in this tree to watch over them until these verified national and world heritage value ecosystems are provided secure protection.”

Miranda Gibson, who has provided a unique and historical first for Australia’s forests, reflected on her year in a tree stating, “After an entire year in this tree I have come to know this forest in a unique way.  It has been an incredible to wake up at the top of this tree every day and look out across this forest, to see it change through all four seasons. I have witnessed the birds and wildlife that rely on these trees for their survival.”

On December 14th 2012 Australian environmentalist Miranda Gibson will mark one year since stepping foot on the ground. The 31 year old high school teacher has been living on a small platform suspended at the top of the tree. Miranda’s action, known as the Observer Tree, has gained international attention. Using solar power Gibson has connected with people around the globe, through her blog

A live video feed will broadcast Miranda to the world, with participants able to send in comments and questions. Events will be held in towns around the globe including Hobart, Brisbane, Melbourne, Katoomba, Alice Springs, Tokyo. The event will also include guest speakers including Bob Brown, Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne and international speakers, Julia Butterfly Hill, Derrick Jensen and campaigners from the Unist’ot’en Camp

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  1. Bravo Miranda!

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