Livestream Event

We go live at 6:30pm AEST! Watch the livestream event of my one year anniversary in the tree tops!

To view the live stream please follow this link:

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  1. Please see the attached Forest Protection Petition and especially see all the groups and individuals that have endorsed it. If you can see a way that this work can be used to protect the remaining forests please consider yourself invited and encouraged to work with it. or

  2. Don’t understand the logic of Tasmania reserving any more of its land area, when there is already 37% set aside (a conservative estimate) in national parks and reserves that are fully protected from any development. The country with the most national parks and reserves in the world has 25% of its land area set aside from development. And it is rightly extremely proud of this achievement. Hopefully the rest of the world can follow this lead. But it begs the question however, how much should be set aside? Have just come back from a month in one of the poorest countries in Asia. Seeing how Iittle the millions have there, it is hard not to see Tasmanians as selfish in wanting more of its land area (more than anywhere else on the planet) set aside from being used productively. Yet some people actually want more reserved! How so? The rest of Australia seems to be content to subsidise Tasmania to make this happen. But in so doing isn’t there a responsibility to the rest of humanity to also have a share of those resources? Keeping less and sharing more seems to be a very much stronger moral argument than holding on to 50% more national parks and reserves than anywhere else on the planet. Let alone agitating for more to be created. If anything, Tasmania needs to delist some of its parks and reserves, which would give more to humanity and it could still hold on to its world title.

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