Observer Tree one year anniversary

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  1. Extremely proud of you Miranda. You do a job that a lot of us would love to do but our other lives get in the way. Stay tough, eventually you and we will win because right has might!

  2. Congratulations Miranda. You’ve achieved more up a tree than the entire 15 member Tasmanian Senate. Old men should not be controlling Tasmania’s heritage.

  3. I admire you. What you are doing is very important for life of your forest, but also to know better nature by your daily experience. Strong ad pride, mqy you reach your aim! Ciao!

  4. Tasmanian Times’ timely coverage of the number one polarising issue dragging Tasmanians is valid.

    Reporting of Still Wild Still Treatened’s stance by representative Miranda is pure Tasmanian news, unlike commercially tainted Mercury, and Examiner playing to the Liberal Party.

    The Liberal Party, who under Will Hodgman, like recalcitrant Reece of old promise to “rip up the forests agreement”.

    Male overweight Baby Boomer Libs have positioned themselves as a seriously listed Irrelevent Species.

    Thank goodness our younger generations wisely dismiss Baby Boomer male (golf-playing) fogies as irrelevent to Tasmania.

    Go Miranda!

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