Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 421

There are so many moments in every day up here, when I stop and watch this forest around me with a sense of awe.  A rainbow across the skies, the moon rising against the rich colours of the setting sun, a honeyeater perched in the branches of the tree…

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  1. Prue Cooper-White

    I think you are an amazing person Miranda! The challenge you have set yourself is making such a difference, as people are becoming much more aware of what is happening to Tassie’s forests. My family and I are are keeping tabs on your website from all the way over here in Italy! The world needs more people like you! Prue Cooper-White

  2. Your efforts are truly amazing Miranda. We are in awe of you for your dedication. Hopefully these.magnificent forests that we have in Tasmania and the planet will be protected. Our business is selling timber and we fully support the.protection of all native forest from logging. Keep up the great work.
    Thank you 🙂

    Bronte Booth
    Managing director
    Timber World PTY LTD

  3. Beautiful photos! I envy you those views and the calm. Greetings from Czech Republic!

  4. Dear Miranda,
    Lonely and homesick in London, I came to your blog and saw these pictures of my Tasmanian home. Thankyou so much for what you are doing to keep it safe for our children’s children and all that follow.

  5. Thank you Miranda ,,,The better part of Northern Rivers NSW loves you !!!!!!!

  6. beautiful images – your view is amazing! z

  7. Madeleine h Kennedy

    Hi Miranda,
    I think I may have not clicked Post this morning, so just want to say how much I love your photo’s. To see the night forest in solitude, and then the waking forest at dawn, is something you will remember for the rest of your life, when you finally come down from the tree, your life will have become so much richer. Thank you for your determination and love of nature.
    Madeleine Kennedy Mt Evelyn Vic.

  8. Farmer on a tractor, ranger in a national park, truckie on the Nullarbor and many more. They all see our country and it’s images but your view is significantly different. I admire your efforts as do many others. Mal

  9. sebastian cordoba

    ola k ase
    I think your web side is amazing I like to much the photo’s. I hope help the world to be fine.

  10. I think your website is amazing I like to much the photos. I hope you continue doing that.

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