Media Release: Tree sitter welcomes World Heritage nomination

Conservationist Miranda Gibson today welcomes the announcement by Federal Minister Tony Burke that a nomination will be made to the World Heritage Committee to include forests such as the Tyenna where Ms Gibson is located in the Observer Tree. Ms Gibson now awaits confirmation that logging will cease in World Heritage nominated areas, in order to make a decision on whether to continue Australia’s longest running tree-sit.

“After decades of community campaigning drawing attention to the values of these world class forests, we have now achieved a significant milestone for the protection of Tasmania’s forests. Today’s announcement comes after many years of Still Wild Still Threatened and other grassroots community groups defending these forests, such as the Upper Florentine Valley, that are now on their way to protection” said Miranda Gibson.

“The international community has been calling for the protection of these globally significant forests for a long time. With a recent example of over 300 actions taking place across the globe in support of the Observer Tree last month. Today’s announcement will most certainly be welcome around the world” said Ms Gibson.

“This extension to the World Heritage boundary has been recommended by the World Heritage Committee itself several years ago, and Burke had a responsibility as Environment Minister to protect these forests, despite the stalled process of the Forest Agreement.” said Ms Gibson.

“The World Heritage nomination for these areas should signal their protection. Burke has now acknowledged their values and must honour this nomination by protecting those values. This could potentially be a moment at which I could get down from the tree and celebrate, if these forests now safe from logging. However, I need to be certain that this significant international commitment will honoured on the ground, by the immediate withdrawal of logging operations from within the nominated forests” said Ms Gibson.

” It is our expectation that any ongoing logging within the area will cease within the coming days and that obviously no new logging coupes will be started. I will be waiting until we can confirm the cessation of logging before making a decision on getting down from the tree ” said Ms Gibson.


One of 300 actions around the world last month calling for the protection of these world class forests.

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  1. Wonderful news! Hoping hard that the nomination goes ahead and we can see you standing on the ground and the forest trees firmly standing safe.

  2. Madeleine h Kennedy

    How wonderful to hear this news Miranda, you may now need to get ready for your Earth Landing, lets hope it does go ahead, fingers crossed. Thinking of you and your mighty effort for the forests.

    Madeleine Kennedy. Mt Evelyn Vic.

  3. There IS light at the end of the tunnel it seems. Hoping that all logging will cease now and more forests protected. Wow!

  4. Miranda, well done. Your courageous stand really made a difference. Please do consider having a look at – we’re a group of Earth lawyers, working to make mass damage and destruction to ecosystems, the 5th Crime Against Peace – i.e. making it a crime to destroy e.g. forests. We need votes for WISH20 – a global wish from all citizens to end ecocide – destruction of the earth – there’s a petition and a map. This is for Earth advocates all over the world and the growing body of international peace ambassadors, human and earth rights advocates. Please do join us! and congratulations again. x Nina x

  5. Glenys and Dave

    Wonderful news and hoping all logging will now cease in those areas and we can have some lush time together on the ground. xx

  6. Hello Miranda,

    I have formed a view that major social agreements are built and agree by ordinary people working through cultural conflict. As you know, Tasmania’s native forest respect is a socio-cultural issue. The ecological issue has been resolved.

    Only once the hard work is done by the people…government politicians then come along write the cheque, draw the curtain on the plaque, announce an agreement, declare a law, and take credit.

    It is wrong and naive to assume that leadership can ever come from politicians. Abe Lincolns only emerge on a blue moon and when all the others are lined up.

    Leadership remains with ordinary people making extraordinary undertaking on the ground and up a very large trees.

    Leadership inspiration remains with you Miranda.
    You have many listeners and supporters.


  7. Hello Miranda,
    Thankyou, we have followed your courage, One son Joel, visited and filmed you up the tree, our other son Brodie is working in the forests of Borneo with the Orangutans, they are glad to be part of the next generation along with you to show previous generations we leave care of the environment in your hands

  8. leonardo nieves COLOMBIA

    Hello Miranda,
    Thankyou for protecting the enviroment, all the world is with you, is admirable your
    endurance for stayng one year living on a tree. YOU ARE THE BEST

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