Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 424

Thank you to Christine Milne, leader of the Australian Greens,  and Peg Putt, CEO of Markets for Change who came up the tree to visit me today! Thank you for braving the 60 meter ascent into the upper canopy in order to celebrate with me in person, the remarkable milestone that we have achieved in Tasmania – the nomination of our world-class forests for World Heritage. While, of course, the fight is not over and there is more work we need to do, this is a huge step forward and great recognition for the values of these ancient forests. It was great to celebrate this moment with two very inspirational women who have spent many years of their lives dedicated to the protection of these spectacular forests. Check out the videos:

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  1. Madeleine h Kennedy

    So Glad that Christine Milne and Peg Putt, have spent time with you in the tree Miranda, three amazing wonderful women, fighting for the forests, thank you all for all you are doing.
    Madeleine Kennedy Mt Evelyn Vic.

  2. I am pleased to see Christine and Peg up there with you Miranda. It must be helping your spirit, knowing that two very special women are with you on your campaign, not just as they have been, in mind but also in body.

    David Leigh.

  3. Clap clap clap!!! Well done Christine and Peg! Hiking up that very tall tree to celebrate with Miranda. Such a gesture of appreciation and support. And yes I studied the map of nominated areas for World Heritage listing and noticed Mount Field was on it. So there you are, brave and dedicated forest protector, someone has listened. But indeed as all three of you are saying, there is so much more magnificant forest to be protected, like the Tarkine where Minister Tony Burke has given his approval for 3, yes 3, open cut coal mines. Even though the news of more forests protected is fantastic, the destruction of much of the Tarkine forests really breaks my heart. As if we need more coal in the world, that is the insult. Coal is better off left in the Earth and the Tassie trees are our biggest allies against global climate change because they store CO2 in their root systems and clear the air for us. So do celebrate the gains but we are not there yet to stop the logging madness and wood industries from bringing down the vital forests we all depend on for our health and our future. Thank you awesome trio, seeing these video’s made my day!

  4. Shame Tony Burke, for putting short term gains infront of the environment! Let’s unite and fight harder to protect these forests. Keep up the good work Miranda.

  5. MIranda – i just now learned about your unselfish, brave, ethical tree-sitting demonstration and applaud your effort – you are an environmental hero! Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my appreciation. Keep up the good fight! i’ll start checking in more often now.

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