New film reveals covert logging of World Heritage nominated forests

Watch and share this new short film about the World Heritage nominated forests of Tasmania that are currently under threat from logging.


There are two simply things you can do right now to protect these forests:

1. Click HERE to send a message to the corporate customers of Ta Ann and let them know that sourcing wood from the destruction of World Heritage value forests is unacceptable, especially for products marketed as eco-friendly!

Recent feedback is that Japanese corporate customers of Ta Ann are paying attention to these messages. They continue to be nervous about what they are buying into and are demanding a genuine environmentally acceptable wood product. The more messages they receieve the more likely they will be to take action and cease dealing in controversial wood products.

As we portray in our new film: imagine a label on furniture or flooring saying ‘world heritage values died here’.
2. Click HERE to send a message to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke.

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  1. New film reveals covert logging of World Heritage nominated forests | T h e O b s e r v e r T r e e

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