Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 444

From my tree top perch I have watched the sun rise over this forest hundreds of times. Yet, each day, the moment when the sun first touches the tree tops never fails to mesmerize me. Every day is different. I want to share with you just one of these many beautiful mornings. From the moment the shadows of trees begin to emerge out of the mist in the pre-dawn light, to the sun making an appearance above the mountains and casting light across the valley….

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  1. Madeleine h Kennedy

    So beautiful, yet, some want to destroy all of this beauty, so sad.

  2. Stunning pictures! The mist almost looks like snow in some of them.

  3. Great sequence of photos.

  4. Thanks for sharing the simple beauty of nature that words can’t adequately describe. Madness to think people want to destroy it.

  5. Thank you for showing us the beauty of your magical place in the tree tops!

  6. Thank you for showing us the beauty of your place in the treetops!

  7. Today you have left your treetop home. A wise decision as the risk of bushfire cannot be ignored or wished away. I am sure that you will have been flooded with emotions at being earth bound again. Please be gentle on yourself and take time to regain your equilibrium. Much love and admiration for all you have achieved bringing our beautiful forests to the eyes, hearts and minds of the world..

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