Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 25

Thanks to long-time Tasmanian forest campaigner Geoff Law for the wonderful guest blog “The tale of two forests.” To give you all a chance to read this great piece of writing, I’m going to keep my entry short and sweet today.

The most amazing part of my day was seeing a Wedge Tail Eagle souring above me. The thing about wedgies is they are mostly silent. While other birds you hear coming from a long way. It is by chance that I turn my eyes towards it… something compelled me to turn around and look into the silent sky. And then I see it, gracefully moving with seemingly no effort, high above the valley.  With an estimated only 60-80 breeding pairs left in Tasmania, they are a special sight. The experience always leaves me with a feeling that I have just been a part of something very amazing.  It circled above the valley for a few moments. Just long enough for me to fumble around with the camera and get some footage. Then off it went, up over the ridge and towards Mount Mueller. I felt so excited; I wanted to tell somebody, everybody…. lucky for me I have twitter up here!  Here is the footage I managed to catch…

That’s all from me today. Though I’m also adding a few photos for you too. I hope you enjoy Geoff’s blog. And I’ll catch you tomorrow. Miranda.

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